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  1. Ramsin How to search & modify within XML documents using XPath queries
  2. Chilkat Find XML Records
  1. ReadPDF project C#
  2. ReferenceManager project C#
  1. X-Ray, Firefox Extension, review html tags without checking the source file
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  1. Norberto Ezquerra, Steve Capell, Larry Klein, and Pieter Duijves, Model-Guided Labeling of Coronary Structure, IEEE Trans. on Medical Imaging, Vol. 17, No. 3, June 1998
  2. James F. O'Brien and Norberto F. Ezquerra, Automated segmentation of coronary vessels in angiographic image sequences utilizing temporal, spatial, and structural constraints, SPIE Visualization in Biomedical Computing Vol. 2359, pp.25-37, 1994
  3. S. L. Lauritzen, The EM Algorithm for Graphical Association Models with Missing Data, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 19, 191-201, 1995
  1. 回诸友
  1. Google GMail Loader (GML) Import existing email to GMail
  2. Google Video Player save and play gvp file
  3. win2vnc, one set of mouse and keyboard to control two windows desktop, works very cool.
  4. VNC 4 Free Edition Compatibility, VNC server, for win2vnc usage
  1. Scheme of Model Based Tracking, roadmap by Viso
  2. EM approach to learning link matrix of hidden nod
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  1. Mark A. Peot and Ross D. Shachter, Fusion and Propagation with Multiple Observations in Belief Networks, Artificial Intelligence, 48 (1991) 299-318
  1. 牙疼!
  1. Hamachi a P2P client
  2. Skype 2.0
  1. A General Framework of Using Hidden Nodes in Polytree Bayesian Network
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  1. Kevin Murphy, A Brief Introduction to Graphical Models and Bayesian Networks
  2. Cecil Huang, Adnan Darwiche, Inference in Bayesian Network a Procedural Guide
  3. Kevin Murphy, Pearl's Algorithm and Multiplexer Nodes
  4. Machtelt Garrels, Introduction to Linux, A Hands on Guide Chapter 3
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  1. Machtelt Garrels, Introduction to Linux, A Hands on Guide Chapter 1 - Chapter 2
  1. Try MyBlogLog free blog stats service
  1. 千千静音, recommended by Shuang Feng, very good!
  2. Doxygen Update to 1.4.6
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  1. BayesianNetwork Project C++
    1. Modified CNode & CTreeLookupTable structure
  2. TechnoratiTag Project C#
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